Series | 1 Season | 6 Episodes | 2019-2022

Ghasem Chakal is a young fuel smuggler in the south of Iran, who is being criticized and blamed by the others for the death of his comrade (Hamzeh) in a car accident. He feels guilty and cannot forgive himself, but when he finds clues that indicate his friend has been killed in an intricate plot, he embarks on a one-man journey to seek revenge. He makes a list of people who may have been motivated to kill Hamzeh and goes to visit them one by one with utmost violence.



Winner Best Music (Bamdad Afshar) | 13th Marseille Web Festival

Panorama Section | 9th Serielizados International Festival

Keivan Mohseni
Ata Mojabi
Saleh Shahbazi, Morteza Khanjani, Soroush Shaker, Ali Gerashi, Majid Rasti, Valeriia Tsvietok, Ali Akbar Taherian, Fazel Foroutan, Mehdi Sadeghi, Ali Fakhri, Abdolreza Afshar, Masoud Zargari, Arsalan Fazli, Hashem Javdan and Ali Komeili
Pooyan Sedghi, Keivan Mohseni
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