Keivan Mohseni's Biography

He started filmmaking in 2006 and is best known for his action and thriller movies. He makes his films with low budgets and usually works as the director, the cameraman and the editor of his projects. Also as a professional director of photography, he has shot several TV series, short films and video arts. The short film “Bog” (2017) is one of his most seen works that started the discussion about forgotten genres and high-budget films in Iran. Some critics believe that this film was a new blood in the veins of Iranian short films.

In 2019 he directed his first mini-series, the Iranian action thriller, Kashokhin. It is available to stream on various platforms such as Tubi, Filmin, IndieFlix, Vodio, Filimo etc.

He has been a member of the selection committee at various short film festivals including the Tehran Short Film Festival, Screenplay Academy of 10 Film Festival and Vodio Awards. His films have been selected in many national and international film festivals and also won several prestigious awards, Including ShorTS International Film Festival, Girona Film Festival, Serielizados International Festival, ISFA Academy Awards, Tehran International Short Film Festival, Cinema Verite Documentary Film Festival, etc.



Selection - International Competition 39th Tehran International Short Film Festival
Selection - National Competition Vodio Awards
Jury - International Competition 3rd Paris Cinefest international Festival


2022 Kashokhin
Panorama Section 9th Serielizados International Festival
2017 BOG
ISFA Medal Winner 13th Gerash Short Film Festival
2017 Out of This
Official Selection 18th ShorTS International Film Festival
2015 Six O’Clock
Grand Prize Winner 52nd Arvand Short Film Festival

Atefeh Aminzadeh's Biography

She is a graduate of Bamdad International House Cinema and Theatre Academy. Her professional acting career began on the stage. As a member of the Saba Theatre Group, she performed in several plays. She made her short film debut in 2014 with “I Drowned Myself”. In the short film “Bog” (2017) Aminzadeh portrayed a wife whose husband has stolen many people’s money in a huge scam. This short film has been shown in Iran and the United States. She has played the leading role in two other short films, “Clean” (2018) and “The Prey” (2022). She is also a professional studio photographer and a skillful daf player.

In 2012, Keivan Mohseni and Atefeh Aminzadeh got married. The name “Keyvanati” is a blend of their first names.

  1. Fifty Fifty

    Two burglars find themselves in a hot dispute over the value of documents they have stolen. One of them wants a bigger share.

  2. Out of This

    A flight of imagination eases a boy’s sadness.

  3. Kayeh

    In a small town in the south of Iran, the filmmaker follows his grandmother as she makes "kayeh", a traditional headscarf worn by infants. With wonderful moments of humor and honesty, "Kayeh" becomes an intimate story of family life.

  4. Six o'Clock

    A taxi driver is supposed to transfer a passenger at exactly 6 o’clock. But he falls asleep.

  5. bog

    The film is based on true events, although the characters and the story are fictitious. In 2008 in Gerash, a small city in the south of Fars, Iran, a bogus company gained the trust of a wide range of small and big investors. A large part of these investments was never returned to the owners, resulting in a series of frantic conflicts between the investors and the shareholders. The story revolves around the character of Mohammad, one of the few core members who are involved in this wide monetary fraud. The setting of the story is a wedding ceremony which is on the verge of disruption because the bad news is going to explode any moment. Mohammad senses the danger and tries to salvage some of the cash he is still hiding. In Persian, BOG is an acronym for the equivalent words for “The Economic Crisis of Gerash”.

  6. Kashokhin (TV Series)

    Ghasem Chakal is a young fuel smuggler in the south of Iran, who is being criticized and blamed by the others for the death of his comrade (Hamzeh) in a car accident. He feels guilty and cannot forgive himself, but when he finds clues that indicate his friend has been killed in an intricate plot, he embarks on a one-man journey to seek revenge. He makes a list of people who may have been motivated to kill Hamzeh and goes to visit them one by one with utmost violence.


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